Tips for Maintaining Your Asphalt

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Asphalt driveways and walkways around your home or commercial property add to the overall appeal. Ongoing maintenance is the best way to preserve your asphalt. Therefore, we recommend fixing faults as they appear, so they don’t get out of hand. Work with the pros at A&M Asphalt Paving, to keep your asphalt in top shape. If you need asphalt repairs or asphalt paving in Bowie MD, or anywhere in the Baltimore area, reach out today.

Fix Asphalt During Good Weather Conditions

Warm weather is the best time to take control of asphalt preservation. Due to the sensitivity of components in this material, keeping its heat while laying or fixing asphalt is critical to the desired outcome. Pouring consistency is better maintained during the warmer weather as weaknesses are minimized. On the other hand, cold weather conditions present problems such as density, texture and fractures in the asphalt mix.

Regular Asphalt Maintenance

Regular care of your asphalt surfaces helps to prevent bigger problems in the future. Carefully pressure wash the surface of driveways and walkways to remove excess dirt, stains, and grime. Remain alert to the development of cracks that can quickly escalate into holes.

Fixing cracks and holes

Call on a trained professional to evaluate and fill small cracks as these appear. Not only will you save on costs in the long-term, but you can prevent nasty tire damage to vehicles. The best way to maintain your driveway in good condition is to have an expert apply seal coating once cracks have been filled.

Seal coating

Invest in a seal coating to extend the lifespan of the driveway. Seal coating involves the distribution of a layer of bitumen compound over the asphalt. Coating the asphalt adds to visual appeal and protects the asphalt, leaving it with a clean, smooth surface.

Asphalt Paving in Bowie MD: A&M Asphalt Paving

A&M Asphalt Paving provides a variety of expert services to keep your asphalt in excellent shape. New asphalt construction, re-surfacing, patching, and total removal of existing damaged asphalt is just part of the premium services available. Add seal coating and snow removal to the mix for additional upkeep services, and you have a one-stop destination for all of your asphalt maintenance needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Why You Should Go with Full-Depth Asphalt

asphalt paving in Bowie MD -- A&M Asphlat Paving

Asphalt is an attractive, popular, and durable choice for the driveway of any home or business. All over the country individuals and businesses are choosing asphalt for their driveways over gravel or concrete. With the right company doing the job, asphalt paving in Bowie, MD can be easier than ever. Take the fuss out paving your driveway or parking lot and make sure you go with true professionals that will get the job done right.

The Best Method

Researchers at Off The Throttle claim that gravel can even cause premature damage to your car when rocks get stuck on places they aren’t supposed to be. Experts at The Spruce agree that asphalt is the superior choice over gravel or concrete, which can be costly and require more maintenance than asphalt. Asphalt can also be driven on almost immediately in most cases, which means you spend less time without a driveway.

There are several different methods for laying asphalt. The most durable option is full-depth asphalt, according to the National Asphalt Pavement Association. Using this method, the driveway is made completely out of the paving mixture which aids in durability. Aggregate is laid down and compacted in the area set to be paved. Next, the paving mixture is poured and flattened.

The full-depth asphalt method is designed to keep water out of the pavement. This prevents the asphalt from freezing and swelling during frigid temperatures. Swelling is one of the causing of cracking in the pavement which requires extra maintenance costs.

Save Time. Save Money.

The average American spends nearly $1000 a year on car maintenance and repairs each year, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Don’t add to that by using gravel for your driveway. Concrete can cost twice as much as asphalt. Do your wallet a favor and go with the smartest and most cost-effective choice for your home or business.

Need Asphalt Paving in Bowie MD?

Whether paving a parking lot or driveway for your home or business, A&M Asphalt Paving has you covered. Our team of licensed professionals can help with your seal coating, snow removal, and patching needs as well as laying down a new driveway or parking lot. Contact us today for a free estimate!