Should You Lay Asphalt Over an Old Concrete Driveway?

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Asphalt is a great option for any driveway or parking lot and when you look into the options, you would probably agree. Asphalt is long-lasting and very durable. Maybe you already know this and that is why you are wondering if you can put asphalt over your old concrete. Here’s some advice from A&M Asphalt Paving, paving contractors in Baltimore, MD.

Is It Possible VS Should I Do It?

It is possible to put asphalt over concrete in certain conditions. However, it is typically not recommended. The conditions have to be just right to ensure the asphalt lasts a long time. Often time, the concrete should be removed before the asphalt is laid down. To ensure durability and longevity of the asphalt. Here are a few reasons why that is the case.

The Sub Base Varies

The sub-base of asphalt is different than that of concrete so taking the concrete out to lay the proper sub-base for the asphalt will help ensure it will perform well.

Concrete Doesn’t Have Prepared Ground

The ground under concrete is prepared differently than it would be for asphalt. If you put the asphalt right over the concrete, the ground under both materials can shift and move around, causing cracks and other issues with the asphalt.

The Longevity Can Suffer

Because of the base, you risk premature cracking and other issues in the asphalt when you place it over the concrete. The longevity of the parking lot or driveway can suffer because of the overlay. It’s in your best interest to get the concrete removed before you place the asphalt, so you can ensure it will last a long time.

Getting Advice from Paving Contractors in Baltimore, MD

If you want to get advice as to whether or not your concrete driveway can take asphalt over the top of it, or if it should be removed first, contact A&M Asphalt Paving, paving contractors in Baltimore, MD, for help. The professionals at A&M Asphalt Paving are here to help you with this process. We want the best for your driveway, call us for a free estimate.

What is Asphalt Resurfacing and When Should You Get It Done?

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Asphalt is a strong, long-lasting material, and like all things, natural wear and tear over time will wear it down. Sooner or later, your asphalt will need to be resurfaced. But what is asphalt repaving and when should it be done? Let professionals at A&M Asphalt Paving help you better understand driveway paving in Glen Burnie, MD. After all, you don’t want to have the process done until it’s necessary.

What Is Resurfacing?

Asphalt resurfacing might sound like a replacement process, but that’s not entirely the case. Instead, the top layer of the asphalt is replaced with a fresh layer that will make it look better, feel better, and last longer.

When to Resurface

If you notice shallow cracks in your asphalt, or if you have to patch the pavement often, it might be time to resurface the driveway. When your driveway maintenance seems like it is becoming more frequent, resurfacing could be the answer.

Can It Be Resurfaced?

There are going to be some instances in which resurfacing will work and other cases in which you might need a full replacement. If the foundation is in good shape, for example, you can get the asphalt resurfaced. It will last a long time if you have a good foundation in place. You should also know how old the pavement is. If it’s less than 20 years of age, resurfacing can help it to last longer.

Take a close look at the cracks. If they are smaller than a quarter of an inch in width, resurfacing can take care of them. Larger cracks, on the other hand, may need a different process for repair.

Longevity with Resurfacing

When you feel your asphalt is a good candidate for resurfacing, you may want to look into it. You can get something that lasts for a long time, anywhere from 8-15 years, in fact. While it’s not the perfect solution in every case, it might be just what your driveway needs.

Contact Professionals in Driveway Paving in Glen Burnie, MD

If you want advice on whether or not you need resurfacing on your driveway, contact the professionals at A&M Asphalt Paving, experts in driveway paving in Glen Burnie MD, for a free estimate. We won’t tell you to resurface unless we’re sure it will work.

Your Spring Asphalt Maintenance Checklist

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Spring is here which means it’s time to start checking your asphalt for issues that may have come up during harsh winter weather. When you take care of issues as soon as possible you’re preventing expensive fixes in the future. Here are some tips to help you extend the life of your asphalt. And if you need asphalt paving Annapolis MD, rely on the experts at A&M Asphalt Paving to take care of your repair, installation, and maintenance needs.

Tips for Your Asphalt This Spring

The first tip is to inspect your asphalt. Do you notice any cracks? If so, it’s vital that you get them fixed immediately as they can develop into bigger ones. All it takes is a bit of water getting into cracks and freezing, it’ll destroy more of your pavement. Water can also go below the pavement and deteriorate the structure causing it to collapse over time. If you have a commercial property, make sure to check for areas that could be potentially dangerous for visitors. Do you notice any potholes? They can cause injuries and put your business at risk if they’re not fixed. Second, spring is a great time to sealcoat to prevent future damage from spring and summer while boosting its aesthetic. Third, if you have lines or curbs painted, redo the paint job. A fresh coat of paint lets customers know you care about their safety while also making your parking lot look more appealing. Fourth, clear the edges. Weeds and grass can grow underneath the asphalt and cause damage from below. Lastly, create a cleaning schedule. Regularly cleaning dirt and debris off your asphalt extends its life. It also prevents a clogged drainage system which can lead to potholes and cracks.

Looking for Asphalt Paving Annapolis MD?

Discover A&M Asphalt Paving! We’re a fully licensed and insured company with over 30 years of experience in asphalt paving. Whether you need patching, new asphalt construction, or grading and topsoil, we do it all. For more information about our services or for a free estimate, click here!

Is Asphalt Sustainable?

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Did you know that asphalt is one of the most recycled materials on the planet? It tops the list above paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum! If sustainability is important to you, and you need asphalt paving Gambrills MD, reach out to A&M Paving to learn more.

Asphalt and Sustainability

Asphalt is reusable and recyclable. It is reused and recycled at a higher rate than almost any other material, including items that are frequently recycled like cans and paper. 94% of the asphalt that is being used today has been reclaimed from old roads in order to make new pavement. What’s more, there are other materials that are often recycled into asphalt including asphalt roofing shingles and tires. There are other things that make asphalt sustainable as well, including:

Greenhouse Gases

Asphalt production releases fewer greenhouse gases than other types of pavement. Over a 29 year period between 1970 and 1990, the asphalt industry cut greenhouse gas emissions by 97%.

Less Energy In Production

Asphalt, like other paving materials, has to be produced. Luckily, asphalt uses 20% less energy than any other pavement option during production.


Even when roads get old and worn, the top layer of the asphalt can be removed and replaced and the roads are once again in good condition. The process is easy to do and can be done quickly and efficiently. Additionally, when you apply a protective layer of sealcoating on a frequent basis, you are extending the life of your asphalt over time.

Water Quality Aid

Asphalt doesn’t contribute to water and soil pollution because it does not leach into the surrounding land. In fact, reservoirs that hold drinking water are often lined with asphalt because of how safe it is.


Looking into Asphalt Paving Gambrills MD

At A&M Asphalt Paving, we have more than 30 years of experience paving driveways and parking lots. Serving residential and commercial clients, we also patch asphalt, construct new driveways, apply seal coating, and remove snow. When you need asphalt paving Gambrills MD or the surrounding areas, make us your first call. Our crew is friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable. Click here for a free estimate!

Asphalt Paving for Designer Driveways

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Driveways serve as the gateway to your home and should be both functional and beautiful. At A&M Asphalt Paving, we build brand new and repair existing driveways. If you need asphalt paving in Gambrills MD, or throughout Anne Arundel County, rely on us for high-quality service. Read on to discover various ways to achieve the perfect driveway.

Driveway Layout Options

Layouts to choose from include circular driveways, curved driveways, and straight driveways. However, before you pick one, answer these questions. How would you prefer your driveway to function? Do you have more than one car? Does your garage face the street? Is your garage attached or detached from your home? Are there trees you need to work around? Do you want a simple or grand estate entrance?

Circular driveways remain a popular style. They eliminate the need to back out or turn around which makes it easy to exit. Circle driveways make it easy to merge with oncoming traffic because you get a clear view of the road. A variation of this driveway is a teardrop driveway which has one exit and one entry point off the road. It forms into a loop that cars can drive around. These types of driveways are ideal for large front yards.

Curved driveways are best if you want to design your driveway around landscaping or large trees. Broad sweeping curves look the best and are easier to navigate. Straight driveways work well with small yards with a short distance from the garage to the street. Additionally, grand, straight driveways create an estate-like entrance. To add character to this type of driveway consider creative driveway lighting, attention-grabbing plants, or a tree-lined space to welcome guests.

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A&M Asphalt Paving is a licensed and insured paving company in Maryland with over 30 years of experience. Our services include asphalt paving and patching, seal coating, new asphalt construction, complete driveway rip-out, grading and topsoil, and asphalt resurfacing. For more information and a free estimate, click here!