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Save Your Back! A&M Paving Offers Snow Removal Service

Some people love snow and long for its arrival. Conversely, others dread the back pain they have to endure after removing the snow from their driveway. Whether you will be using a snow blower or a snow shovel, take care not to injure yourself when removing snow. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the snow without the worry of a sore back.

Tips to Follow Before You Shovel

You may not realize how much of a workout snow removal can be. First, before you even approach the snow, you need to warm up your muscles. Stretch and warm up, just like an athlete because shoveling makes use many different muscles in your back, shoulders, hamstrings, and other body parts.

Next, you should use your leg muscles to help push the snow and when lifting it. Also, keep in mind keeping your back straight when lifting snow helps avoid straining your back. Finally, don’t overreach!

The best method is to hold the shovel as close to your upper body as possible especially when working with heavy snow. In addition, you should keep one hand close to the blade of the shovel which will help with better leverage.

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