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Quality Commercial Paving Is Worth the Investment

Your parking area, like your building, needs careful design and construction for years of reliable service. Pavement takes a beating from the sun’s rays, winter ice, and gully-washing spring rains. Over the years, pavement handles the flow of traffic and the constantly changing patterns of parked vehicles. It takes a solid foundation to handle all that wear and tear on the pavement surface. An investment in top-quality paving provides that foundation.

Durable Pavement Looks Good to Customers

When your customers and clients arrive at your business, the first thing they experience is the quality of your parking area. It should not only look great, but also feel solid and prevent pools of water or patches of ice from forming. As they walk to your door, they’re forming a first impression about whether you’re proud of your business.

Design and Drainage Make it Last

As industry reference Asphalt Magazine notes, it’s what’s under the pavement that makes it last and stay impressive. A well-prepared subgrade provides a solid support for the paving material. Layers of aggregate and careful compaction keep the pavement area stable for years to come and limit the amount of maintenance required.

Drainage provides durability by reducing the effects of weather on the parking area. For a careful design to be effective, it prevents not only pooling water and patches of ice on the surface, but long-term saturation of the subgrade which can undo the careful preparation of the layers below the pavement.

For Quality Paving, We Take the Long-Term View

One of the advantages of being in business for over 30 years is the repeat business. After all, a quality commercial paving job can last 20 years. So, except for maintenance, we won’t be out to a specific lot or driveway very often. Customers who know that paving is a long-term investment put the time in to find the right contractor and make sure the work is done right.

For an experienced commercial paving company in MD which creates durable, impressive projects for its customers, contact A&M Asphalt Paving.

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