Caring for Your Blacktop Driveway

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You might not think about driveway maintenance very often, but your asphalt experiences a lot of wear and tear with regular use. If you want to keep your driveway in good shape, read on to learn a few tips. When you need an expert blacktop paving company in MD for repair or driveway replacement, discover A&M Asphalt Paving. We service residential and commercial customers across the Baltimore area.

Cleaning Your Driveway

The first thing you need to do to prevent driveway damage is clean your driveway regularly. Whether you’re talking about a buildup of dirt or oil spills and other messes, everything that gets on your driveway has an effect on it. If you leave oil stains on your driveway, it may eventually cause the asphalt to break apart and loosen.

Consider having a professional clean your driveway at least once every year or two to keep it in good shape. You can supplement these cleanings by removing small spills and stains as you notice them in between cleanings.

Professional Installation & Sealing

If your driveway is suffering more damage than it should, there’s a good chance your blacktop driveway wasn’t installed right in the first place. This is why it’s so important to make sure you have a professional pave your driveway. When you choose a professional paving company, you’re investing in a driveway that’s going to look better and last longer.

You also need to remember to have your driveway sealed if you want to extend its life. Sealing your driveway fills up all the little cracks and provides a protective coating which prevents weather damage. Again, it’s important that you’re hiring a professional to seal your driveway, since there’s a right and wrong way to do it. A&M Asphalt Paving is proud to provide sealing, cleaning, and other maintenance services in addition to blacktop paving.

Hire the Best Blacktop Paving Company in MD

The last thing you want to do is pay for a new driveway because you didn’t take care of yours. At A&M Asphalt Paving we specialize in paving quality driveways and helping you keep them in good shape over years. If you need an expert blacktop paving company in MD, contact A&M Asphalt Paving today.

Now is the Time to Fix Driveway Cracks

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Tiny fissures in the concrete asphalt of your home or business’ driveway aren’t an obvious issue immediately. But, seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, plus rain, ice, and snow can widen cracks. Continued wear leads to uneven pavement and potholes that are expensive to fill in. Even with regular cleaning and other maintenance, it can be difficult to keep your driveway looking good.

Fix Asphalt Damage Before it Worsens

If you’ve noticed a few cracks on the surface of your driveway or parking lot, they certainly won’t improve on their own. Waiting for colder months will only leave the vulnerable surface exposed. Moisture will seep into the crevices causing them to worsen. Instead, repair minor damage before it becomes a major issue. Expert paving contractors in Baltimore MD recommend fixing small driveway and parking lot cracks now before winter weather comes rolling in.

A&M Asphalt Paving will help homeowners prep their driveways for the colder months ahead. In fact, we can apply our years of training to any simple or complex problem. We can build a new driveway, complete repairs to existing surfaces or add a layer of protection with seal coating.

Seal Coating Extends the Life of Your Driveway

The best way to ensure your driveway is protected against weather events and temperature fluctuations is to have A&M Asphalt Paving seal coat your driveway. Our paving contractors in Baltimore MD and surrounding areas will come to your home and can usually complete the job in a day or two. Once sealed, your driveway will be less susceptible to water penetration. Plus, ice and snow will melt more quickly on a seal coated surface, and you will have fewer long-term repairs to worry about.

A&M Asphalt Paving can handle all of your asphalt paving needs. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, their friendly crew will ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate of your driveway or parking lot project.


Why Should I Have Cold Weather Pavement Care Plan? Any Questions Contact A&M Paving

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As the temperatures drop most people will spend considerably less time cleaning the exteriors of their offices and houses, landscaping and gardening as well as asphalt pavement upkeep. Your asphalt pavement or driveway also requires some protective maintenance and attention to get ready for the cold weather, just as your favorite perennial. A&M Paving has a few simple steps you can use to prepare your asphalt for the cold weather. Following the steps below can help make up your cold weather pavement care plan.

What Should I Have in My Cold Weather Pavement Care Plan?

  • Do the Necessary Repairs

Your asphalt might change as the weather begins to cool down. The moisture in both the air and the ground may cause the asphalt to expand and contract.

Repair the potholes to prevent water from pooling and expanding, and fill any cracks in the pavement to prevent water from seeping under the surface of the asphalt. Consider sealcoating your surfaces with A&M Asphalt Paving. Sealcoating will protect your asphalt from severe winter temperatures.

  • Clean Up All The Debris

To allow a safe removal of snow, you should clear all the debris from the parking lots and driveways. This can be done with blowers and brooms, but it is important to seek professional asphalt cleaning from the experts at A&M Paving to ensure that the debris do not interfere with snow removal process. When you use professional cleaning, you will also bring to light any kind of structural problem such as potholes or cracks, which are supposed to be fixed within the shortest time possible.

  • Clear All Standing or Pooling Water

As a part of your cold weather pavement care plan you should clear all the standing water on your asphalt surfaces. This should be done during the spring so that you have ample time of repairing them. Waiting till winter can cause the standing water to freeze and become ice.

  • Have the Essentials for Cold Weather Pavement Care