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It’s Hurricane Season; How Can Asphalt Sealing Prevent Water Damage?

Asphalt sealing is an effective way of protecting your asphalt pavement investment from the damaging effects of water penetration. Stormwater can severely damage your asphalt during the wet/hurricane season. To prevent serious damage from occurring, you should seal your asphalt to protect the surface layer. This keeps water from penetrating the asphalt and adds an extra layer of protection against the harsh weather elements.

What Happens If You Don’t Do Asphalt Sealing

The two leading causes of cracks in your asphalt are:

  • Wet weather
  • Low temperatures

A concrete driveway has a natural tendency to break if water is allowed to permeate it, and this tendency is further increased by the weight of cars regularly driving over it. Once the cracks have developed, water further damages it, especially in cold climates where it expands and contracts with freezing temperatures. Failure to fill and sealcoat the cracks will lead to further penetration of water through the pores leading to the disturbance of the base and eventual failure of the pavement.

Why Asphalt Sealing Works to Prevent Water Damage

Asphalt sealing acts as a barrier for asphalt surfaces from the damaging effects of weather. It acts as a water-resistant agent averting water from seeping through asphalt driveways and parking lots. The addition of sealcoating to the porous surface of asphalt keeps water from penetrating the underlying material preventing damages that occur from freeze-thaw cycles which is a common reason your driveway begins to form cracks. It also locks all moisture away from the asphalt surface.

If cracks have already developed, asphalt sealing will prevent those cracks from lengthening or becoming wider. There is need to ensure that only high-quality sealcoat specifically designed for the toughest climate conditions is used to protect your asphalt against the harmful elements that lead to its deterioration.

Hire A&M to Protect Your Driveway from the Storm

Protect your driveway from water damage to keep it functional for as long as possible. Hiring a professional asphalt/sealcoating company is the best way to prevent water intrusion, slow further damage and preserve your asphalt driveway. A&M Paving is ready to help with your residential and commercial asphalt sealcoating and parking lot repair. We take the time to evaluate your driveway for other maintenance needs that need to be addressed before applying a sealant.

Contact us today to help with your asphalt maintenance needs and stay protected during this hurricane season.

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