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Expert Driveway Paving Boosts Curb Appeal

Choosing the right driveway for your home goes a long way in boosting curb appeal. A&M Asphalt Paving can create a beautiful new driveway for you. We’ll help you decide which driveway shape best meets your needs and select the perfect material for your project. If you need professional driveway paving in Glenelg MD, or anywhere in the area, read on to learn more!

Driveway Options to Choose From

Circular Driveways

Circular driveways are well-suited to larger properties that allow for a large loop without any sharp turns. Since this type of driveway doesn’t require drivers to back up when entering or exiting, it’s a very convenient and popular shape. A circular driveway also allows for dramatic landscaping on the center island of your driveway, making a spectacular first impression when guests arrive.

Curved Driveways

In many cases, curved driveways are a good option, especially when using a straight driveway isn’t viable, or when street access doesn’t lead directly to your garage. Bear in mind, however, that since many different types of vehicles may be using the driveway, you’ll need to avoid sharp curves, as well as curves that are too close to your driveway’s entrance and exit points.

Straight Driveways

Straight driveways are commonly used when the distance between the street and your garage is short. If you have a smaller-size property, this driveway shape also takes up less space on your lot. A long, straight, tree-lined driveway also showcases your home beautifully.

Driveway Paving in Glenelg MD: A&M Asphalt Paving

A&M Asphalt Paving is here to help with each homeowners’ individual needs. Together, we’ll arrive at a solution that’s tailor-made for you. In addition to being experts in driveway paving in Glenelg MD, we also provide commercial and residential asphalt paving, stone and grading services, seal coating, and snow removal services. For a free estimate for your project contact us today!


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