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Dips in Your Driveway?

Dips in a driveway can be a great nuisance to homeowners. Therefore, they require repair in a timely manner. Large dips can even damage vehicles, so it is best to fix them to protect your car, as well as the look of your property. If you have questions about your driveway or need asphalt paving in Odenton MD, or the surrounding area, please read on.

What Causes a Driveway to Dip?

A dip in your driveway can be caused by a number of factors. Most commonly, an underground collapse below your driveway weakens the base. Secondly, the base layer suffers when water seeps below the surface. Dips develop in the weakened areas.

Additionally, changes in soil volume through expansion and contraction causes the ground to weaken subsequently causing dips to form in your driveway. Soil erosion due to improper rainwater drainage can also cause your driveway to dip. Your driveway needs excellent drainage to prevent dips.

Building a driveway on unstable marshland can cause damage in the base layer of your driveway. Consequently, dips form. Another issue is sinkholes. They occur in places where sand covers the bedrock. Water seeps through the rocks and causes dips. Erosion agents, especially water, cause displacement of soil resulting in dips in your driveway.

Call a Professional to Fix Your Driveway

The sooner you fix dips in your driveway the better for you. It is important to call a professional to fix your driveway because:

  • It is cost-effective by preventing further deterioration of your driveway. Repairing it quickly will help you save money down the road.
  • A driveway with dips looks really bad and it signifies neglect.
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