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Many people believe that cement and asphalt can be used interchangeably. However, there are stark differences in the properties and composition of these building materials. If you are deciding between concrete paving or asphalt paving for your next driveway or parking lot project you should read on to learn more.

What’s the Better Choice- Concrete Paving or Asphalt Paving?

Concrete is used for a variety of construction and building projects. Setting time is typically about three to four days, with complete curing ending in several months. Concrete has a high compressive strength so it is a go-to material for building construction. Concrete is a bit less flexible than asphalt. Concrete requires a brand new slab if you get a crack.

Asphalt has a lower upkeep cost and quicker construction time than concrete. Asphalt can be walked on in about 24 hours after it’s been applied and driven on in three to four days. In general, asphalt is a bit easier to maintain.

Concrete Paving or Asphalt Paving? Here’s A&M’s Choice

Both asphalt and concrete pavements are designed for a long life with regular maintenance and both can be used to create quality pavements.

Asphalt has a lower initial construction cost, which is an positive thing for homeowners deciding between getting concrete paving or asphalt paving for their driveway. Other features of having an asphalt driveway are the:

  • Quicker curing process.
  • Flexibility to obtain a smooth surface.
  • Renovation and fixing surface cracks/issues are simple and straightforward.

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