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Asphalt Paving Services for Commercial Customers

When choosing a material for your business’ driveway or parking lot, you need something that is cost-effective. However, you also want good long-term value. Asphalt is one of the best options for paved surfaces for your business. The smooth, even surface makes a good impression on your customers.

Benefits of Asphalt Paving for Your Business

Some of the ways through which your business will benefit from asphalt paving include:

  • Safety. Asphalt can be modified to prevent skidding and promote proper water drainage.
  • Increased property value. Improving the look of your business’ exterior significantly increases the value of your property.
  • Easy to maintain. Unlike other paving materials, it is fairly easy to touch-up asphalt every once in a while to keep it looking good. Keep up with regular seal coating, pothole repair, and promptly fill any cracks. Additionally, you will want to sweep away leaves and debris to keep it looking clean.
  • Affordable. Asphalt is not only faster to install and easier to maintain, but it typically costs less compared to concrete pavements.
  • Durability. If installed correctly and properly maintained, asphalt paving will last for decades to come. A well-built driveway can be used for many years before it needs major reconstruction.
  • Recyclable. When worn out, old asphalt pavement can be excavated, crushed, and mixed with fresh asphalt for future paving projects. This reduces its environmental impact.

Why Choose A&M Paving?

A&M Paving builds and maintains asphalt paving in Columbia MD and the surrounding areas. We focus on improving your property’s value by installing, repairing, cleaning up, and maintaining your asphalt surfaces. Incorrect installation results in the pooling of water which erodes the substrates and creates air pockets. Therefore, it is very important that you get the installation done right the first time. We back each of our projects with 30 years of asphalt paving experience. We use the right equipment and employ a highly qualified staff. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.


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