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Signs Your Parking Lot Lines Need Replacing

Parking lot lines play a critical role in enhancing the utility and safety of parking areas. Lines and stripes act as guides, helping drivers park appropriately and comply with traffic rules. Unfortunately, the stripes fade with time due to exposure to the elements and must be redone to maintain order on the parking lot. If the lines on you parking lot are in bad shape it is time to look into reputable asphalt paving companies in MD to repaint them. At A&M Asphalt Paving we provide excellent line striping and stenciling. Please read on for some signs that you need to re-stripe your parking lot.

Chaotic Parking

When the lines are blurred or wholly deleted in some parts, drivers are unsure of the boundaries. They may park too close to each other or get into each other’s way, making it hard to exit the parking lot. Not only does it inconvenience drivers, but it also means that the parking space can no longer fit the optimal number of vehicles.

Sometimes the disorderly set up of the parking space may lead to incidences of traffic rules violations. There may be an increase in collisions as drivers attempt to reverse or enter parking spaces, which is an indicator of the poor conditions of lines and stripes.

Drivers Ignoring Handicap Spots

Most parking lots have handicap-accessible spots that enable physically disabled persons to use convenient parking places. If the handicap symbols are worn out, drives will not see them. Then, even some well-meaning drivers end up taking spots reserved for disabled customers.

Damaged Wheel Stops

If drivers cannot see the stripes, they may drive beyond the limit causing damage to the wheel stops. Most of the damage results from the bumper hitting the wheel stop. Of course, damage happens every once in a while, but if the incidences have risen in recent weeks, it may be an indicator of faded stripes.

Breaking the Fishbone

Most asphalt paving companies in MD design parking lots using the fishbone pattern. In this arrangement, drivers follow a lane that leads to their chosen spot. If there is an increase in infringements on the setup, then the stripes may be blurred.

Top Asphalt Paving Companies in MD

A&M Asphalt Paving is one of the most respectable asphalt paving companies in MD. We offer top-quality line painting to make your lot safer. Contact us for a free estimate on asphalt and driveway sealcoating, line painting, and paving.

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