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Asphalt Paving: America’s Most Recycled Product

Asphalt is a top choice for many homes and businesses when it comes to driveways, parking areas, and other paved outdoor spaces. You may be surprised to learn that asphalt has become one of America’s most recycled products over the years, creating a sustainable product with reduced waste and impact to the environment. If you are looking for someone to install asphalt paving in Arnold, MD, you can contact the professionals at A&M Asphalt Paving for an estimate or to schedule service.

What Are the Benefits of Asphalt?

Asphalt is a safe paving surface due to its durability. It offers greater skid resistance, especially in wet weather. The color contrast between asphalt and road markers also improves driver visibility, making it a safe choice for businesses.

Since it is a smooth surface, asphalt helps limit the amount of wear and tear on your vehicle. These smoother surfaces also help minimize the risk of injury when walking on your asphalt.

What’s more, asphalt creates an attractive driveway or parking lot, adding to the curb appeal of your home or business.

How is Asphalt Recycled?

When asphalt is being replaced, the old asphalt is often milled and placed in a mixer along with water and other additives. The milled asphalt can then be used on new asphalt paving projects. In fact, asphalt can be recycled several times over its lifespan, making it a remarkably sustainable product.

How does Recycling Asphalt Help the Environment?

The reclaimed asphalt is used to complete new projects which decreases the depletion of natural resources, such as the oil needed in the construction process. Recycling asphalt also helps save on construction material waste since the recycled material is not sent to a landfill.

Driveway Solutions from A&M asphalt paving Arnold MD

At A&M Asphalt Paving, we have more than 30 years of experience paving driveways and parking lots. Serving residential and commercial clients, we also patch asphalt, construct new driveways, apply seal coating, and remove snow. When you need asphalt paving in Arnold, MD, or the surrounding areas, make us your first call. Our crew is friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable. Click here for a free estimate!

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