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Why Should You Get Potholes on Your Commercial Lot Repaired?

Asphalt parking lots are great in many ways, but just like anything, they are subject to natural wear and tear. Their deterioration over time can lead to safety issues. For example, potholes are unsafe and don’t look good. At A&M Asphalt Paving, we offer asphalt paving in Annapolis, MD, and will explain in more depth the issues that potholes present.

1. Harm to Vehicles

Your customers and employees do not want their cars damaged, but that is what potholes do. They mess with vehicle suspensions, tires, shocks, and bumpers. Wheels can get misaligned, leading to expensive repairs. At some point, some parts in a car might even need replacement. Of course, as with many things, the severity of the damage depends on how bad a pothole is and how fast a vehicle is traveling.

2. Cause Injuries and Are a Liability

Tripping hazards such as potholes can lead to dislocated joints, ankle sprains, back injuries, and knee injuries. Cuts are likely, as well.

Then there are the injury-related liability issues. Someone could trip because your business has been negligent in repairing potholes. Associated costs could far out shadow regular parking lot maintenance expenses which could’ve been taken to avoid this issue in the first place.

3. Eyesore

Potholes create a bad first impression. The second, third, and fourth impressions won’t be too great, either. Your business should show care in how you present it.

4. Bad for Business

Suppose a customer is faced with two similar businesses. One features a smooth, well-maintained parking lot, while the other’s parking lot is filled with potholes. Which will the customer choose? Most likely the first one.

Also, potential renters might stay away from your business or apartment complex if there are potholes. The value of your commercial property could decline.

5. Bigger Problems Will Occur

Potholes can expose other parking lot issues such as subpar installation, structural damage, and poor drainage. As an example, potholes can result from drainage problems causing water damage. Also, large potholes can expand into sinkholes.

Contact A&M Asphalt Paving in Annapolis, MD

Potholes are unsightly and dangerous. They also can cost you more money down the road as the problem gets worse. Get in touch with A&M Asphalt Paving in Annapolis, MD for a free estimate on pothole repair and other issues.

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