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Pavement Maintenance for the Summer

Sunburns and overheating are common during the summer, what most people don’t know is that the long daylight hours, increased UV radiation and high temperatures can cause damage to asphalt pavements. Conducting regular pavement maintenance on your driveway/parking lot in the summer can help prevent damage from the hot summer sun.

Why You Need to Ensure Proper Pavement Maintenance in the Summer

The summer season is characterized by long hours of high temperatures. An asphalt pavement, being a black surface, absorbs most of the heat subjected to it. Heat levels on the surface accumulate as time passes and the surface tends to become softer thus increasing its susceptibility to damage.

A soft pavement is easily punctured, sunk, scuffed, scratched or otherwise destroyed by the most regular driveway/parking lot activities. For instance, the simple act of using a jack can ruin the surface on an extremely hot day. Over time, exposure to UV radiation from the sun rays can also lead to the destruction of the structure.

How Pavement Maintenance Prevents Damage to Asphalt Structures

Taking the necessary steps to preserve our driveways/parking lots is imperative. It not only increases the lifetime of the structure but it also helps us save on repair costs. Here are some of the measures we can take to prevent damage to asphalt structures.

  • Seal your driveway

    During high temperatures, UV radiations from the sun rays can penetrate asphalt surfaces and increase heat retention rates within the structure. As stated earlier, overheating can make asphalt softer thus increasing the chances of sustaining damage. Sealing your driveway will reduce UV penetration and minimize damage.

  • Avoid pooling water

    Standing waters on your driveway can cause cracks which will increase the chances of sustaining damages from the hot summer weather.

  • Avoid the use of sharp objects on the structure.

    Try to avoid using sharp tools like a jack on the driveway during the day.

  • Repair the cracks

    Make sure that cracks are repaired as soon as they open up. This will help increase the lifespan of the structure.

  • Avoid parking on the same spot

    Parking your car on the same spot day in day out can damage your driveway. The pressure build-up from the weight of your car can make the asphalt deform or sink. This is more likely to happen during summer.

Taking the time to rely on the best asphalt and paving contractors in your local area is sure to help you get your driveway paved as needed. The benefits of doing so will include being proud of your driveway and property! To have an expert come and take a look at the pavement on your property for any reason at all,

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