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A Few Steps That Go into Asphalt Paving

The steps involved in asphalt paving may not have been something you thought about before. When you consider how many things around you are paved with asphalt, the roads you drive as just one example, you may be inclined to learn more about it. There’s a lot of information out there about asphalt paving, here, A&M Paving, one of the top professional asphalt paving companies in MD, provides some details about asphalt paving.

Getting Rid of The Old

The first thing that will have to happen is getting rid of the old surface, whatever that might have been. The demolition will occur, and the materials will be removed from the area so there’s a fresh start for the new asphalt.

Surface Prep

Once the old materials are gone, the surface can be prepared for asphalt. There are motor graders and laser-guided transits that help prepare the base surface, which will help with the proper water runoff in the future. Water drainage is something that can be prepared as well if needed.

Applying the Sub Base

The sub-base will give the asphalt the right surface, so it will be stable. It will be a frost barrier and give durability and longevity to the asphalt once it is installed.

Install the Asphalt

The asphalt will then be placed on the prepared base surface and joined to it in the proper ways. It will be connected to the sub-base and also to the roadway or other areas where it might have to transition to an existing surface. Once it is installed, a final check will be done with a rollover to make sure the material is smooth and clean.

Proper Install Is Imperative

If your asphalt is properly installed, you are set for years. You will get durability and functionality with little maintenance. Seal coating can also help lengthen the life of your asphalt as natural wear and tear happens over time.

Finding Asphalt Paving Companies in MD to Help

If you want to install asphalt on your driveway or parking lot, you will want professional asphalt paving companies in MD to help you with the process. The experts at A&M Asphalt Paving can help you with a free estimate. We want the process done right for the durability and longevity of your asphalt. We can also give advice on maintenance and repairs in the future.

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