Extend Pavement Lifespan by Clearing Debris

You must have walked or driven over either a concrete or asphalt-made pavement. Being well-built and maintained does not only provide an aesthetic sort of appeal, but it is also a welcome site to anyone visiting. Maintaining this aesthetic look may be as easy as sweeping away the debris. Most people, however, forgo this, and it has long-term effects on how long the pavements will remain intact. Read more about how to extend pavement lifespan with a few simple steps.

Increase durability
For both porous and solid pavements, paving companies use either asphalt or concrete paving materials. This is due to their availability, durability and also their visual appeal. On average, these pavements have a life expectancy of about 25 years. Do not forget that, as time goes by, the quality of the surface is depreciating. This means that, by the time the pavement is 11 years of age, some materials may have eroded away; others, especially with the older asphalt, may have become clogged or oxidized and hence are slowly being eaten away.

How to clear the debris
To clear debris from the pavement, it should be regularly swept away and disposed of appropriately. You must watch the flowers and grass that are close to the pavement. Make sure that their roots are not too deep as they could cause the pavement to crack. If you have dried leaves on the pavement, sweeping will break down the particles into smaller pieces that cannot be easily picked up and carried off. These particles may end up clogging the surface of the pavement. You can also make use of a vacuum to suck up the debris, if needed.

Now that you have a debris-free surface, do not leave it at that. Remember, your ultimate goal is to extend pavement lifespan. Annually treat this surface with safe decomposing agents that will help dissolve the debris to make sure it is fully functional.

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